The T-N-T Tool

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New in Germany – tried and tested in the US!
Replaces 6 other tools:

  • crow bar
  • chisel
  • axe
  • ceiling hook (preventer)
  • sledge hammer
  • ram

The patented multiple tool for the fire crews and rescue services. Model TN840 - weight approx. 6.0 kg - length 102 cm

T-N-T Tool Made of high-strength steel with black powder coating and yellow fiber-glass stick. The ergonomic handle will make it possible to use it as practical ceiling hook (preventer). Easy to carry and handle – highly versatile when being used!

Can be used for

  • opening doors, windows, hatches
  • driving holes into the floor, walls, roofs
  • pulling down walls, ceilings, wires, cables
  • knocking off or own grids, grilles, bolts, handles, pipelines
  • smashing in window panes, car doors and car roofs
  • driving in pegs, slats, battens

We recommend the standard TNT tool as described above, but the following versions are also available on request for the same price:

TN8355.9 kg90 cm
TN6405.5 kg102 cm
TN6355.2 kg90 cm
TN6305.0 kg75 cm

Optionally, with yellow or black handle

Available accessories:

  • protective cap for the axe edge, with Velcro strip
  • protective cap for the hook end, with Velcro strip
  • brackets (to be installed in/on the cargo/equipment area of your vehicle)