Barolli roller container

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Barolli roller container The "Barolli" roller container consists largely of a base frame made of aluminum sections, two fixed rollers, two steering rollers, a base plate and a sliding bracket. The steering rollers will be released or blocked with a (foot-operated) parking brake, the fixed rollers by means of automatic disc brakes (dead man’s brake). This will make it possible to safely brake wet or oil-contaminated wheels. The mechanism of the dead man’s brake has been integrated into the frame profile and the mimic on the bottom side has been reduced to a mere minimum.

The superstructure can be designed variably and be adapted to the intended use (platform area, portable fire engine). The maximum load is restricted to 400 kg.

Technical data:
External dimensions:
Maximum load capacity: 400kg

Barolli equipment available for installation:

  1. platform equipment
  2. portable fire engine installations
  3. hose equipment (hose carrying baskets or reel)
  4. respiratory protection equipment
  5. foaming agent equipment
  6. power generator and lamp pole
  7. oil pan
  8. oil equipment (pump)
  9. water damage equipment (immersion pump)
  10. traffic equipment