Mounted centrifugal pump FPN 10-6000

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The successful and well-tried fire-fighting-centrifugal pump FPN 10-6000 will be installed as a rear-mounted pump on fire-fighting vehicles and on triple combination pumpers. The fire-fighting-centrifugal pumps have a 2-stage design and work in very low rpm ranges. They are powered via a multi-stage prop shaft from the vehicle’s power take-off. The water can be pumped either from open water sources or from the vehicle’s water tank.

Leistungsdiagramm der FPN 10-6000
FPN 10-6000
Nominal pressure [bar]10
Nominal capacity [l/min]6000
Nominal speed [1/min]2400
Power take-off performance min. [kW]220
Power take-off torque [Nm]800
geod. suction lift [m]1.5
presssure outlets4 x ≥DN 100 (4")
suction inlet1 x DN 125 (5")