Company history

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Bachert is a company with a long history but still young at heart. It was way back in 1748, when Kaspar Bachert settled in the village of Dallau in the Baden region and started producing fire engines. His son Jakob Bachert continued the business. In 1827, the 28-year old Adam Bachert established the company in Kochendorf in the district of Mosbach, nowadays known as Bad Friedrichshall. The first catalogs were printed as early as in 1830, the year now officially accepted as the foundation of the business. This makes Messrs. Bachert the oldest company producing fire fighting equipment.

In his expert opinion, Stuttgart’s senior building director confirmed even two 2 years earlier that the two-cylinder high-pressure fire engine from Bachert is the trend-setting equipment. The sons Karl and Louis Bachert continued the business, with Albert and Hermann Bachert following as the next generation in 1895 who established the company’s reputation at international level. The other two bothers, Alfred and Karl Bachert, set up a subsidiary plant at Karlsruhe and took over the company of Carl Metz in 1906, which they continued to run under this name.

The first mobile 6-PS petrol-operated fire engine was introduced as early as in 1897 which made it possible to fight the fire from a distance of 30 m with 330 l/min. Portable fire engines were then produced from 1926 onwards. The first fire crew vehicle with a front-mounted water pump was built in 1928. In 1932 Eugen Bachert took over the company’s management and remained its director until 1989.

Although the work premises were destroyed during the last days of WW II, they were not only re-built but also expanded. The portable fire engine with a VW engine was introduced in the market in 1950. The firm’s wealth of experience and numerous pioneering results achieved during the following 30 years contributed to Bachert’s reputation as a German manufacturer of fire-fighting equipment whose products were sold world-wide. In 1989, the Bachert Works were closed down or sold, but the tradition and the know-how have been retained, so that we can also benefit from all the well-tried Bachert products when the firm is re-established.